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When I was a kid, I used to go to an 8-story library in Fort Lauderdale. On the 7th floor were the┬ácomic books–reprints and collections of current and old comics. Some favorites were Little Lulu, Donald Duck, Garfield… but the best, absolute best, were the Weird Science-Fantasy comics. The library had a collection of archives of these comics in large, hardbound books. We would check these out, a few books at a time, and I’d just pour over them. There was something really special about this time, these books – the memories I have of them have a glow about them in my head.

I just bought reprints of collections of Little Lulu and Donald Duck for my 5 year old. For myself, I bought a reprint of the first 5 issues of Weird Science-Fantasy.… let the reminiscing begin!